What to Do

Vote With Your Business

There are plenty of reputable towing companies, should you actually need their services. Whether you need a lift to the shop or just need a jump start, you have your pick from a number of different companies. Here is a list of alternatives.

If you rent or are planning to rent an apartment, make sure you can tolerate living in a place that has it's own residents towed. There are plenty of apartment complexes in the area that do not have their residents towed that will welcome your business. Make sure you find out the details of the parking situation before you sign a lease.

Use the Law

You should know the law and be aware of it before escalating a situation or it may end in frustration. Police will respond to a scene if a vehicle is being towed and there is a dispute. The tow truck operator can not leave the scene if they know the police are responding to a complaint, but they can still charge to unhook a vehicle. Virginia Tech students have access to limited legal advice through Student Legal Services.

Make Your Voice Heard

In the past, petitions have been created and the community has made it's opinion clear. If you take issue with a situation, there are ways to let people know of your dissatisfaction. One of the easiest things you can do is file a Better Business Bureau report. Also, let your legislators know if you take issue with the laws the way they are.

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