The Problem

Limited Parking

Simply put, the problem is that there is not enough parking. Further compounding this problem is the differing expectations of the property owners and the people who need to park. To solve their parking problem, a lot of property owners simply put up a sign and contract with a towing company. The result is then not only limited parking, but also towing companies capitalizing on the situation and making it worse. This creates a sometimes ridiculous situation and often a very frustrating one.

Bad Contracts

For instance, when there isn't any parking to begin with and there is the threat of a vulture towing contract on top of this, there can really be no place to park and no alternative than to risk being towed, even in an emergency situation. This is especially true when all of the neighboring lots are either under towing contract or there are no close public roads to park on and if there are they have "no parking" signs up or are completely full from others trying to avoid being towed. On the other hand, you have the ridiculous situation where there is plenty of parking and very few cars in the lot, yet it is under a towing contract and your car can be towed, even if only there for a minute or two.


Quite often, people are victim to misinformation. There is not any one source of bad information in particular. It can be the rental office for the apartment complex, a property owner, an inaccurate rumor, a renter telling their relatives the wrong thing or any other sort of situation you can think of where the source is not authoritative or is simply mistaken. There is no simple solution to this because you can not possibly educate yourself on all the policies of every place you may visit and it's certainly not practical. This is probably the most frustrating problem, especially when there is often no recourse if you do get towed.

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